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Apk KgTV Free Two Active Code For Android 25.08.2021


Apk KgTV Free Two Active Code For Android 25.08.2021

Active Code 1
Active Code 1

Today I present to you the wonderful application KgTv player,
which includes many features and features that are not available in other applications, such as the cfg file export feature, the search and the popup window, the speed and ease of use, and the very small size: It is also very safe if it is available in the Google Play Store
These are the features of the entire application:

-A separate pop-up window for an application that allows you to view any channel and at the same time enjoy using other applications such as Facebook and Google Chrome.

-High speed in displaying channels and performing other tasks.

-Quality change system that allows you to select the broadcast quality as per your convenience.

-The ability to change the location and the size of the player easily and at any time, according to your taste.

-Easy and fast channel search system.

-Bug detector, which detects 90% of errors, as it helps in solving problems.

-Automatic link verification system saves effortless experience.

-The features system adds to the aesthetic application and organizes the channel list as it supports languages and even qualities.

-Advanced internal driver that supports most types of processors.

-Support secure communication via the https protocol.

-Ability to add channel lists from link, file, or even text.

-The possibility of modifying – or deleting – channels easily.

-Automatic name corrector for channels.

-Automatic porn removal system works at a rate of 70%.

-Automatic system to reconnect to the server when malfunction occurs.

-Full support for Smart TV and Android Box.

-or ShorTv support shortcut system.

-Ability to export channels in formats: m3u, m3u8, cfg, lst.

-Channel manager with the ability to delete, modify, add or categorize.


Apk KgTV Free Two Active Code For Android 25.08.2021

And exclusively on our Website Cccam4all, I offer you an activation code for the shortV service available in the application, which includes more than 5000 channels working stably

Enjoy now the application kgtv player with more than 5000 channels

Code: FL-UX-US

Number of channels: 5000 channels
Duration: Lifetime with updating every period

And a second
code: PT-VO-RG

is featured 5729 and beautifully classified

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Application link on Google Play

Some explanations for using the application

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Generator IPTV M3u Active Code 2021

Search for a channel= Click Here 

Open pop-up window = Click Here 

Change the screen size= Click Here 


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